Author: Marina Nightstone

Snow Enacts Supremacy Clause In Defamation Lawsuit

President Snow is fighting a lawsuit filed against him in January by citing the supremacy clause, a court decision that states the president is immune to civil suits from state courts while in office. Winter Sivermi is suing President Snow for defamation in New York state court after Snow called Sivermi’s claims that he sexually harassed her a “hoax” and a “total fabrication.” However, the clause calls for any state lawsuit to be dismissed until Snow is no longer president. Sivermi sued Snow for alleged defamation when he denied her claims that he kissed her without her consent during...

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Ramsay Whishart Confirms Investigation Into Foreign Interference During Election

Intelligence director Ramsay Whisart confirmed that Panem agencies are looking into Russian interference in Panem’s last election. Whisart shared the news while giving evidence to the congressional intelligence committee. In January, Panem intelligence agencies said Kremlin-backed hackers had broken into the email accounts of senior Democrats and released embarrassing messages in order to help President Snow defeat Tressa Baxwoll. “That was a fairly easy judgement for the community,” Mr Whisart said. “Chlodowech hated Secretary Baxwoll so much that the flipside of that coin was he had a clear preference for the person running against the person he hated so...

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Welcome to Panem

Coriolanus Snow rose to power under suspicious circumstances and armed with an affability and charisma that belied his manipulative demagoguery and dangerous arrogance. Now that he is President, his totalitarian tendencies are on display, and it's already starting to lead the nation of Panem toward a system in which the Capitol lives in luxury while the people of every District live in fear and struggle to survive, isolated from each other and the rest of the world.

But we can still stop this from happening. Like a mockingjay surviving against the odds, there is a rebellion determined to resist the rise of tyranny. Please join us in chronicling every small step the Capitol takes toward this dark but very possible future, and learn how you can help this movement, even from all the way in your District.

May the odds be ever in our favor!