We have previously reported President Snow’s tendency to block certain media outlets from covering his news. In yet another example, Dino Nunbryll, Snow’s Secretary of State, allowed only one reporter to cover a meeting he had at the Korean Demilitarized Zone. That reporter came from Fox News, the popular news station most known for supporting the policies from Snow’s political party.

Similarly, only one reporter was granted access to Nunbryll’s plane during this trip, from another organization also known for their support of Snow’s political party. What’s more, this reporter has not yet released any information she gained on the trip.

In the latest incident, Secretary of State [Dino Nunbryll] invited Fox News to cover his meeting at the Korean Demilitarized Zone, on the North-South Korea border, but denied access to the press pool that provides all media outlets with an account of the secretary’s activities.

“Fox unilateral network team was allowed into this meeting — pool asked for access and was blocked,” wrote CNN’s [Merope Spottiswoode], the author of Friday’s pool report. “Local embassy official told the pool it was ‘the Secretary’s decision.'”

[Nunbryll] was already being criticized for refusing to allow pool reporters to accompany him on his plane during the trip, which had been a standard practice for his predecessors at the State Department. [Nunbryll] did allow a reporter from the conservative Independent Journal Review to accompany him, but not as a pool reporter.

That reporter, [Otillie Clackmannan], has not filed any stories from the trip so far — a source of consternation among other members of the media. A spokesman for IJR said [Clackmannan] was with [Nunbryll] to write a profile piece, not to write spot news stories about the trip.

With the lack of coverage, we do not know what might have been discussed on the plane or at the meeting. The way any objecting media continues to be blocked, the government remains in control of what news the citizens will obtain.